Vietnam 2010

A whistle-stop trip from north to south (and a hop next door)

Keep checking back!

Posted by activeafrica on February 7, 2010

We’ve just returned from an awesome trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and have committed to recording details of the trip for various reasons. Once we get through the usual post-trip chore of dealing with unanswered emails, overdue bills and finding work to pay for the holiday, we’ll make a start on editing the 900-odd images and posting the trip report. I’m going to put Chris’s proverbial “c..k on the block ” and suggest that you keep checking back within the next week (8 – 15 Feb 2010), for details and photos. For those who wish to travel to Vietnam any time soon, we’ll include details and reviews of the places we stayed, ate, visited, etc.

Trip overview

Woman in paddy field - Hoi An


3 Responses to “Keep checking back!”

  1. Sawadee Kha! I’m about to go to Bangkok and I’m very excited about it. Already got my flight to Suvamabhumi Airport and from there we’ll go explore around Chiang Mai and of course stay a couple of nights in Bangkok, I found your great site on Google and it seems that you know a lot about Thailand. Would you please give me a hint where to stay in Bangkok City? I’ve read there are some good resorts in the main city and in the southeast… Thank you in advance!

  2. June said

    We leave on May 6th for 23 days in Vietnam. I really enjoyed the start of your blog…keep it coming!!!

  3. Mariola Fouche said

    Great blog, J! Look forward to the rest…

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